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A bevvy of artistic resources for capturing the characters and lands of Tamora Pierce's many works on paper



  • Frostpine
  • Numair
  • Shinko
  • Sandry
  • Kel
  • Jon
  • Farmer
  • Aly
  • Lalasa
  • Kyprioth
  • Uusoae
  • Rosethorn

We also have George’s up and ready to go in the queue. The face posts can sometimes take a while, so it might be a bit before you see some of these, but hopefully the bolded ones, which are closest to being done, will be finished soon. Some others we were thinking of doing at some point were Kora, Sarra, Joren, and Okha.

Who would you like to see us do?

You may want to consider Jeff Goldblum for Numair, writer Bruce Coville for Kyprioth, and Brendan Fraser for Farmer.  At least as places to start? 

Just a thought, no pressure!

We have Jeff Goldblum down, and we knew about Bruce Coville (although we have mixed feelings about using a white man for the patron god of an enslaved brown people), but Brendan Fraser is news. Thanks!

From the miniseries World Without End.

Faces that remind the mods of Koramin Ingensra

From left to right and top to bottom:

Canadian model Adrianne Ho // American singer and actress Norah Jones // Canadian actress and model Shay Mitchell

Brazilian model Nataniele Ribiero // American actress and musician Shannyn Sossamon // Mexican model Issa Lish

Australian model Shanina Shaik // Natalia Cappucini, English recording artist, record producer, fashion designer, actress and director // Brazilian model Mariana Santana

Mod note: Kora’s described as looking like she’s of “mixed blood” by Beka in Terrier, which we took to mean mixed race, so every woman in this photoset is biracial or multiracial.

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Costume of Henry VIII, played by Jonathan Rhys-Myers (The Tudors, 2007).

Pigeons in flight by Edward Muybridge. Found on Silly Dragon here and here.







OMFG I… I will try this out asap wow

What a good idea

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Jeneil Williams by Txema Yeste for Numéro #150 February 2014

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This is an art reference blog. It says so in our sidebar AND in our “about” page. I really don’t know how we could be any clearer about this.

Please visit our anatomy tag, where you can find many different body types, before you yell at us about how we’re slimming down any of the characters.




Faces that remind the mods of Keladry of Mindelan

From left to right and top to bottom:

American actress Joey King // Stranger #77 by Danny Santos // Australian actress and singer Emily Browning

American actress Jennifer Lawrence // Belgian girl by Caraballo Reinhardt // American actress Julia Stiles

Australian actress Mia Wasikowska // Portfolio photo by Jonas Hafner // English actress Gemma Arterton

I’m actually sort of pissed off at this because 

a) Jennifer Lawrence wtf what in Jennifer Lawrence’s looks make her look like Kel ok seriously what

b) none of these women are in the least bit muscular and big looking, they are all skinny as hell with no muscle tone at all. Kel is routinely described as being “a giantess” almost, like seriously the word “masculine” with “a dreamer’s hazel eyes” is thrown around quite a bit and insead we got a whole bunch of skinny women, like seriously I love you Julia Stiles but not only are you way too old but you’ve also got a BALLERINA BUILD which is the exact opposite of what Kel is.


I’m sorry you don’t like JLaw for Kel, obviously not everyone’s going to agree about our choices, but to address the rest of your complaints:

It says “faces that remind the mods of Kel.”


This is not a fancast post, this is a reference post for people who want to draw Kel’s face, so the body types of these women? Don’t actually matter. You know, since we’re only focusing on their faces, like it says in the original post and like we’ve talked about before on this blog.