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ANOTHER ANATOMY POST! Only three vertebrate groups have successfully evolved flight: Birds, Bats, and Pterosaurs, which are NOT dinosaurs, and are an extremely diverse group of reptiles! Pterodactyl is not the only one. However, birds ARE dinosaurs. Avian dinosaurs!

Wings are not some extra structure you tack on to a creature and somehow the arms go away— they ARE arms. Think about that when you are designing creatures with wings and also giving them arms. That means your creature has six limbs.

Next anatomy post: The anatomy and evolution of DRAGONS. If you guys have any requests, feel free to send them in!

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Shot by Dizzy Crane.

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Lombok, Indonesia. Taken by Advina Ratnaningsih on her Instagram.

Faces that remind the mods of Alanna of Trebond and Olau

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Princess Elizabeth’s White Gown  (The Tudors, 2007).


So. I had a thought while reading Shatterglass today.

  1. Tris is described as having curly red hair that she braids and pins to her skull.
  2. At one point Keth notices that Tris did a good job with brushing Glaki’s curls, better than Yali did (Though that was because Yali didn’t have much time to spare on them).
  3. When Niko asks about Keth being Glaki’s father, Tris says Glaki is “Tharian through and through”. Tharians are described as having skintones all along the brown spectrum, and black curly hair.

Now, I always through it was odd that Tris wore her hair in braids along her head, almost like cornrows. I mean, it makes sense in context, but I thought it was interesting that those braids held. HOWEVER, with the mention of Tris attending to Glaki’s hair well, and the general description of Tharians making them read as black to me, I’ve come to the conclusion that Tris is black.

So instead of headcanoning Tris as looking a bit like this:


I’ve started headcanoning her as looking more like this:


And will be drawing her accordingly.

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So very lovely—she’d make a great character!

Indonesia, 1845-1912. Young Javanese woman c. 1885 

So, I know it's SOMEWHERE on the internet unless I'm completely delusional and made it up in my head, but at one point Tammy told the internet at large what the real world equivalents of many of the countries in both the Tortall and Emelan books. Do you happen to know the general breakdown for Tortall? I can't seem to find it :(
referencetortall referencetortall Said:


I think you’re looking for this:

Tortall, Tusaine, Maren, and Galla are based pretty much on medieval Europe and England, without particular differentiation between countries. Scanra is more Scandinavia (I tapped medieval Russia for Kugisko in COLD FIRE). Tyra is my Venice-like merchant republic; Saraine is a medly of medieval Europe, Southeast Asia, and samurai culture (well, samurai armor, anyway). Carthak is a mishmosh that includes Egypt, but also Phoenecia, Assyria, and the Hittite Empire of the Middle East, caulked with Roman cuisine in places. The Yamani Islands are definitely based on samurai history. The Copper Isles, well, the wildlife I dumped there in earlier books was Central and South American, but the Amazonian cultures are tribal ones, and I wanted an established culture that has things like palaces, so I looked to Indonesia.